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TV 3 JUN 2022

Could the merged Warner Bros. Discovery push ad prices up?

3 JUN 2022
In order to display ads on its prime content, the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery is adopting an aggressive position in early upfront talks with advertisers, eMarketer noted in its latest report.

Research 2 JUN 2022

US upfront CTV ad spending will exceed $6 billion this year

2 JUN 2022
Upfront spending is flowing toward streaming services. In fact, according to eMarketer, upfront CTV ad spending in the United States will grow by 34.6% to US$6.41 billion this year.

Research 1 JUN 2022

Why does the UK CTV opportunity look appealing, but limited?

1 JUN 2022
While traditional television ad spending in the UK will struggle for growth in the coming years, digital video will not, eMarketer said in its latest report.

Research 11 MAY 2022

Is TikTok going to surpass YouTube in the United States?

11 MAY 2022
TikTok users in the United States will spend more time with the social media platform this year than YouTube users will spend on the video platform, eMarketer forecasted.

Research 13 ABR 2022

How much will american advertisers spend at this year’s upfronts?

13 ABR 2022
US advertisers will spend US$20.57 billion on linear TV at this year’s upfronts, eMarketer estimated in its latest report.