Leonine Studios unveiled new Letterbox event series, "Herzogpark"

The company will present the title, "Herzogpark," produced by Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann and Michael Lehmann, at Mipcom this Autumn, to secure sales with global broadcasters.


Leonine Studios unveiled one of its most recent projects, "Herzogpark." The company has secured global sales for the series, intending to garner more at this year's Mipcom during the fall. The show is set to premiere on RTL’s streaming service TVNOW in Germany. "Herzogpark" is produced by Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann and Michael Lehmann for Letterbox Filmproduktion and Felix von Poser for Amalia Film. The production of the series was financially aided by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, IDM Film Fund, and the German Motion Picture Fund.

Academy Award-winner Jochen Alexander Freydank will serve as Director, while Annette Simon was tasked with writing screenplays alongside idea-maker Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann. Regina Dietl made script contributions with Nadine Keil, Enno Reese, and Patricia Riekel, who headed Europe's biggest people magazine BUNTE as editor-in-chief for over two decades.

The cast member list includes Heike Makatsch, Lisa Maria Potthoff,  Antje Traue,  Felicitas Woll, Heiner Lauterbach, Jeanette Hain, Trystan Pütter, Lukas Spisser and in a guest role Francis Fulton-Smith.  The story follows Hannah, Elisabeth, and Annabelle, beautiful, rich, and want to stay where they are at all costs in Munich’s highly exclusive residential area of Herzogpark. The women then go against construction mogul Nikolaus van der Bruck to pursue their own agenda.