The Argentine production company Nativa Contenidos and the Italian Visionaria Films closed a strategic deal for the development of coproductions aimed to the main platforms and broadcasters of the industry.

30 OCT 2019

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Nativa Contenidos, directed by Helen Roca, and Len Cole in the creative direction, and the Italian production company Visionaria Films, signed a strategic agreement for the realization of several co-productions destined to the main platforms and broadcasters of the industry.

The agreement was achieved thanks to the coordination of the VIBRA Cultural Association, Italian reference of Nativa Contenidos, which, having received the request for the search of an Italian producer for the international co-production of an ambitious audiovisual project and after an exhaustive analysis, reached an agreement with Visionaria Film based in Milano.

"In the coming weeks we will be able to present the first project of this union that we know will have a great resonance and that will include the participation of several countries," Helen Roca said. "This agreement allows us to develop a global strategy and aims to place our contents within a worldwide orbit," Cole added.

Nativa Contenidos founded in 2001 with headquarters in Argentina and Miami is a content producer with more than 3,500 hours spent standing out for the quality and development of original formats and content. It also provides production services, consulting and development of new signals.

Visionaria Film, based in Milan, is a producer of artists and professionals that deals with the conception, production, direction and postproduction, commercials, corporate videos, viral videos, for cinema, television and internet. Visionaria Film has created a network of partners and collaborators in various parts of the world, Los Angeles, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, this allows you to carry out projects in any situation and establish them on all continents.

VIBRA is an Italian Cultural Association which was born in January 2018 from the union of experts in the fields of photographic and video media, communication, journalism, publications, international events, productions and multimedia formats.