Partner Cosmos-Maya signs a raft of agreements for the region with digital platforms and broadcasters.

17 FEB 2021

"Berry Bees"

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Atlantyca Entertainment’ award-winning children’s animated series "Berry Bees" is heading to Asia. A new distribution and multi-platform deals, inked by co-production and distribution partner Cosmos-Maya, will see the 52-episode series running on: FPT Telecom Platforms (Vietnam); Muse Communication Digital Platform (China); IN10 Gubbare Channel (India); Wow Kidz Network on Amazon and Facebook (India), launching the series this month; while Astro (Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei) will introduce the series in June.

"Berry Bees" (52 x 12min episodes) is a high-energy, hilarious, spy show with all the right ingredients. When the world’s top-secret villains unleash their mayhem and the Berry Bees are summoned to the rescue, when the adult spies are simply not suitable for the case, Bobby, Lola and Juliette become mistresses of disguise, secret undercover agents, astute mentalists and rad martial arts experts who also use awesome berry-themed gadgets to save the day.

Anish Mehta, CEO of Cosmos-Maya commented, “'Berry Bees' brings a familiar entertainment factor that works best with Asian audiences and bridges it with the global sensibilities of the west, making it a perfect fit for the diverse Asian market, and these sales are a testimony to our belief in the same.”

"Berry Bees" is an international co-production between Atlantyca, SLR Productions, Telegael and Studio Cosmos-Maya, with the participation of Rai Ragazzi and NINE Network, and most recently, the series garnered the Best Kids Series of the year award at Italy’s prestigious Diversity Media Awards 2020.