Atlantyca secures branded game distribution deal with GateonGames for Agatha Mystery books

The company's collaboration with the Italian top board game producer consists of 15000 Games and Books set to be distributed jointly.


Atlantyca Entertainment has expanded its distribution efforts for the Agatha Mystery books through a partnership with gamer, GateonGames.

Beginning at end of October, the new “Mini Crimes - special Agatha Mystery”game will be available at specialty board game shops, on-line game shops, specialty toy stores, Amazon and large-scale retail trade, bookstores and other dedicated market places throughout Italy. “Mini Crimes - special Agatha Mystery” is the first game ever launched dedicated to the title. The story, also written by Sir Steve Stevenson, will see Agatha dealing with a mysterious sabotage of the hot air balloons prepared by the protagonist's grandfather for the annual Bristol Festival regatta.

The "Agatha Mystery" series of books, aimed at children ages 8 and older is written by the author Mario Pasqualotto, under the pseudonym of Sir Steve Stevenson. The seriesfeatures an aspiring detective with powers of deduction, Agatha travels the world with her clumsy cousin Larry, her faithful butler, and her cat, Watson, to solve the most intriguing mysteries. The book series published in Italy by De Agostini, with over 700,000 copies sold, has sold approximately 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 27 languages. The series, born in 2010, has had great international success and now has 34 titles already published, as well as 10 special titles and new titles due out in 2024.

GateonGames is deemed one of the largest online game retailers specializing in board games, role-playing games, game books and accessories. Founded in 2011, it serves over 100,000 Italian customers with its catalog of over 60,000 products to date.