Banijay Iberia and Mrs Greenfilm joined to drive sustainability in Iberian TV

The Spanish consulting firm will provide training to employees of the business group and consultancies to improve the integration of sustainability measures in Banijay Iberia's projects.

22 APR 2024

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Banijay Iberia and Mrs Greenfilm, a sustainability consultancy in Spain, have signed an agreement to help build a greener future. In doing so, they combine their efforts to achieve a more sustainable audiovisual industry. Through education, training and meetings at Banijay Iberia’s labels, the partnership with Mrs Greenfilm aims to develop protocols, tools, new initiatives and ultimately, the group’s own sustainability strategy and transformation.

Pilar Blasco, CEO of Banijay Iberia, said: “Aware of the impact productions have on our environment, today we take a decisive step in our commitment to developing a more sustainable content industry. Thanks to Mrs Greenfilm’s guidance – with whom our teams have already collaborated on productions like ‘Operación Triunfo’ – we will be better equipped to understand our impact and implement appropriate measures to reduce it.”

Ana Méndez Márquez, co-founder of Mrs Greenfilm, added: “Sustainability in the content sector is here to stay. That’s why it’s important to see companies like Banijay Iberia embracing sustainability as part of its core business. We firmly believe initiatives like this are what our industry needs to achieve a true transition toward a greener economy.”

Earlier this month, Banijay Iberia was confirmed as the first Gold Partner of non-profit organisation, the Observatory of Diversity in Audiovisual Media (ODA), to further the company’s strong social commitment and advocacy for diversity within the content industry.