BBC greenlights two new shows for BBC One and iPlayer

The shows are the thriller "Reunion" and two additional six-part series of the Belfast-based police drama "Blue Lights." Both will be available on BBC One and Player.

23 FEB 2024

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The BBC has commissioned a new series of titles for this season. Among them will be the thriller "Reunion" by writer William Mager and two additional six-part series of the critically acclaimed Belfast-based police drama "Blue Lights." The productions will be available on BBC One and iPlayer.

"Reunion" follows the journey of Brennan, a deaf man determined to right his wrongs while unraveling the truth behind the events that led him to prison. It's a four-part series produced by the British company Warp Films and written by William Mager, a deaf writer originally from Sheffield, who will also executive produce. It is set and filmed in and around Sheffield and Doncaster.

William Mager, writer and executive producer, said: "I wanted to address a difficult topic that's mostly unique to the deaf community in the vehicle of a mystery thriller that educates audiences about what it's like to be deaf, without falling into the usual tropes of 'deep, rich and beautiful sign language' and 'living in a silent world.' We have an incredible wealth of deaf acting talent in this country, and I can't wait to see what they can do," noted.

Mark Herbert, the executive producer, spoke along the same lines: "At Warp Films, we are dedicated to supporting ground-breaking narratives. 'Reunion' is more than a drama; it's a testament to the power of storytelling as a bridge between worlds," added.

On the other hand, BBC greenlighted seasons three and four of the Belfast-based police drama "Blue Lights" from the British production company Two Cities Television. The show was co-created and written by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson. It is a drama about ordinary people doing an extraordinary job.

Co-creators, Writers, Directors, and Executive Producers Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson appreciate the BBC's commitment to the show: "We're thrilled that the BBC is committing to 'Blue Lights' in this way. From the beginning, we wanted to write a show that had scale and ambition in its storytelling, and this decision gave us everything we needed to do that. Thanks to the BBC, Two Cities/STV and Gallagher Films, and our brilliant cast and crew. But most of all, thanks to our audience, who have responded so powerfully to the show. Time for us to get to work!"

Lindsay Salt, BBC Director of Drama, expressed great satisfaction with the reception of the show: "We were bowled over by the reaction to 'Blue Lights,' and I'm really pleased to be confirming our commitment to bring two more series of our beloved Belfast drama to air. Adam and Declan have brilliant ideas about where to take the characters next, and I can't wait for viewers to see what's in store."