Beta Film sells “Crime Scene” to MHz Choice streamer

The MHz Choice deal includes 250 hours' worth of content, including "Cologne Cops," "Crime Will Tell," and "Mind Witness," among others.


Beta Film has sold 250 hours of "Tatort," also known as "Crime Scene," to the streamer, Mhz Choice for the US and Canada regions. The company is working in collaboration with WDR mediagroup to perform global distribution. WDR mediagroup handles the license rights, while Beta Film holds the international distribution rights to the catalog of WDR's commercial subsidiary.
The MHz Choice deal includes "Cologne Cops" (Tatort: Köln, 45x2h) with chief detectives Max and Freddy, who don’t seem much alike, but are united by their undaunted determination to fight evil; "Crime Will Tell" (Tatort: Münster, 33x2h) with Jan Josef Liefers in the lead role as quirky coroner Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne; "Mind Witness" (Tatort: Dortmund, 19x2h) will also be included, centering on homicide detectives Faber and Bonisch hunting down killers, and the classic cult cycle Grim City (Tatort: Duisburg, 18x2h) featuring Chief Inspector Horst Schimanski (Goetz George). In addition to the crime cycles produced on behalf of WDR, selected WDR/Radio Bremen commissioned productions of "A Duo to Die For" (Tatort: Bremen, 10x2h) are also available on MHz Choice.

"Crime Scene" has consistently held record ratings with a peak of up to 41% market share and more than 14 million viewers on German public broadcaster ARD to this day with comparable market shares in the younger target group.  The series features different teams of investigators in various German cities, offers a diverse and elaborate range of crime stories, characters, and storytelling, providing viewers with a fresh and intriguing perspective on the genre. Since its premiere, Crime Scene has become a phenomenon with more than 30 episodes produced every year.

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