Big Bad Boo inks new multi-year deals across several territories

The multi-lingual library attracts worldwide buyers for ever-green and new animated TV content such as "16 Hudson" and "Lili & Lola".

27 SEP 2023

"16 Hudson"

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Big Bad Boo Studios has sealed a slate of multi-year licensing deals with networks, and digital platforms across multiple regions, led by a multi-title acquisition deal with China’s Kouyuxia for Big Bad Boo’s flagship animated series "1001 Nights" (26x22'). Owned by the Media Pioneers Group, the educational platform streams in mainland China, and also included in the transaction Big Bad Boo’s hit preschool series "16 Hudson" (105x7'), and spin-off musical series "ABC with Kenny G", which also air on commissioning broadcasters TVOKids, SRC Radio-Canada, Knowledge Kids, and TFO.

A similar deal was struck between Big Bad Boo and McIntyre Media, the leading distributor of educational video and curriculum content in Canada. MacIntyre has licensed the rights for the same core Big Bad Boo properties, as well as Hulu Original "The Bravest Knight" (13x11') and digital mini-series "Lili & Lola" (15x7'). Vancouver-based mobile operator Air-G, acquired the rights for the same flagship library titles, this time for the Middle East and North African regions in the languages Arabic and French.

"This is a testament to the ever-green nature of the Big Bad Boo catalogue, which travels well across regions. We are excited to step into the fall with multiple new shows like 'Judge Jodhi' and all new seasons of '16 Hudson'," says Jerry Diaz, the Vice President of Global Sales and Distribution.

Finally, French Canadian broadcaster TFO acquired mini-series "Lili & Lola" (15x7') in French and plans to air the spin-off series on MiniTFO alongside catalogue favorites "16 Hudson" and "ABC with Kenny G". "Lili & Lola" also airs on ICI Television, Shaw Multicultural Channel, SRC Radio-Canada, Vme Kids and Oznozin English, Spanish, Persian and French.

The announcement comes at a busy time at the studio, where Big Bad Boo is producing four animated television series including the new Climate-conscious series "Galapagos X" (26x11'), set to launch later this year on TVOKids, SRC Radio-Canada, Knowledge Kids, TFO and Okto Singapore.