Blue Ant Media’s FAST channel "Love Pets" to launch on The Roku Channel in Canada

Since the pet-themed channel debuted last year, it has been available in 27 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

5 MAR 2024

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Canada's Blue Ant Media launched its FAST channel, Love Pets, on The Roku Channel in Canada. Since the pet-themed channel debuted last year, it has rolled out in 27 countries across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Love Pets features heartfelt and compelling stories about the animals and pets in our lives, big and small, shining a light on the emotional bonds that people and caregivers have with animals.

Jamie Schouela, President, Global Channels & Media, Blue Ant Media, stated: "Launching Love Pets on The Roku Channel significantly expands the brand's audience reach on one of Canada's leading free-streaming platforms. The channel's programming, which features endearing and exclusive stories about pets and the people who care for them, is quickly building a fan base of loyal viewers." 

Programming highlights on Love Pets include: "Hope for Wildlife2 (111 x 60 ), a look at a dedicated wildlife rescue team, led by Hope Swinimer, who rescue thousands of sick, injured and lost animals and return them to their natural habitats; "Bondi Vet Seasons" 1 – 3 (44 x 30') which immerses viewers in the drama of emergency vets at a clinic in Australia as they save the lives of beloved pets and exotic animals; "Pick-a-Puppy" (48 x 30'), a 30-minute series that follows families as they visit breeders and animal shelters in search of the perfect canine companion, while learning as much about themselves as the puppies they are meeting; "Vet on the Hill" Seasons 2 – 3 (28 x 60'), which follows the day-to-day live of vet Dr. Scott Miller at his busy clinic in a small UK town; and "Work on the Wild Side" (20 x 60') a documentary series following the highs and lows of vets and volunteers who have given up their day jobs in the UK to move to South Africa to help rescue, rehabilitate and release back into the wild iconic animals.