The Canadian Media Fund and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg have both contributed incentives, which collectively amount to a total of CAD$450,000. Projects considerations for the budget will be evaluated and chosen by a selection committee.

3 JUN 2021

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The Canada Media Fund and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg have officially reopened their incentive for the codevelopment and coproduction of digital media projects between Canadian producers and German producers based in Berlin-Brandenburg. The two establishments are tasked with film funding and media business development in the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg.

For the fifth year in a row, the Canada-Germany Digital Media Incentive’s budget is set at CAD$450,000, with organization contributing half of the sumEach project selected for funding is eligible to receive a maximum of CAD$300,000.

In order to qualify for the financial aid, projects must be in game, website, augmented reality, or content delivered through a combination of all outlets, and producers must pass a set of requirements issued by both funds.  All applications must comply with the guidelines for the Incentive which are available on both the CMF and MBB websites. The deadline to submit an application is 31 August.

Projects will be evaluated and chosen by a committee of CMF and MBB experts. They will be evaluated according to a set of guidelines intended to highlight each project's innovative and creative abilities, how they engage the targeted community and audience, the creative team, and the viability of the projects’ budget and timelines.