The eight productions had to applied for funding through CMF international incentives with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Film Fund Luxembourg and Northern Ireland On Screen.

29 JAN 2020

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The Canada Media Fund (CMF), in partnership with three international funding organizations, will invest over CAD$1.1M in the codevelopment and coproduction of eight projects which applied for funding through CMF international incentives with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), Film Fund Luxembourg (FFL) and Northern Ireland On Screen (NIS).

Through the Canada-Germany Digital Media Incentive, CMF and MBB are investing CAD$390K in the codevelopment of two digital media projects. The two organizations started their partnership in 2017-2018 and have since invested just under CAD$1.2M in nine projects, including this round of funding.

The Project “Assemble & Attack” from Game Pills Inc (Canada) and Thoughtfish GmbH (Germany) will receive $118,484 ($112,494 MBB CAD$ approx.) and “Colour of the Wind VR” from Tortuga Films (Canada) and Alias Film (Germany) receives $106,516 CMF CAD$ (52,497 MBB CAD$ approx).

This is the second year CMF partnered with Film Fund Luxembourg to fund codevelopment and coproduction projects between Canadian and Luxembourger producers. The two organizations will invest CAD$589K in the following two digital media projects, one at the development stage and the other in production.

The project “The Dollhouse” from Zazie Film (Canada) and Focusart (Luxembourg) will receive $47,450 CMF CAD$ and “Wild Cities” from Jam3 (Canada) and a_BAHN(Luxembourg) receives $297,264 CMF CAD$ ($196,698 FFL CAD$ approx).

CMF and Northern Ireland On Screen have since 2018-2019 invested CAD$400K in the codevelopment of eight television projects. Through this round of funding, both organizations will invest an additional CAD$157K in four projects.

The Project “#IBelieveHer” from Plausible Commn (Canada) and We Buns Films (N.I) will get $17,364 CMF CAD$ ($29,580 NIS CAD$ approx) while “Loss” from Uppercut Creative (Canada) and Controvert (N.I) will receive $18,750 CMF CAD$ ($23,925 NIS CAD$ approx); “Mimi infinity” from Productions Sardine (Canada) FlickerPix Animations (N.I) receives $18,931 CMF CAD$   ($19,665 NIS CAD$ approx) and “Woods Music” from Orange Iceberg (Canada) and Sonas Productions (NI)  gets $11,813 CMF CAD$ ($17,400 NIS CAD$ approx).