Channel 4 commissions Curious FIlms' "Operation Yewtree"

The documentary, created by Curious Films, is produced by Lauren Rowles and directed by Christian Collerton. Its debut comes during the 10-year anniversary of Operation Yewtree.


Channel 4 recently commissioned "The Accused: National Treasures on Trial." The deal for the documentary was carried out by Commissioning editor of Factual Entertainment, Lee McMurray. “This film offers a unique and fresh take on events that changed us forever, compelling viewers to ask important questions about a watershed moment in recent British history," Lee McMurray, commissioning editor, Factual Entertainment, Channel 4 said. "The hurt and anger felt by three household names caught in the eye of the storm sparked by Yewtree, is weighed against the need for and value of a police operation that, while not perfect, delivered long overdue justice to victims of heinous crimes.”

"The Accused: National Treasures on Trial," made by Curious Films and produced by Lauren Rowles, is directed by Christian Collerton and executively produced by Jessie Versluys, alongside Dov Freedman and Charlie Russell, co-Founders of Curious Films.

This year marks ten years since the launch of Operation Yewtree, a police investigation that put some of Britain’s biggest entertainers in the dock for historic sex crimes. The titles features three figures accused by Operation Yewtree or one of the subsequent investigations it spawned, three men who were accused but either never arrested, charged or never convicted: Sir Cliff Richard, radio DJ Paul Gambaccini and former Pop Idol judge and DJ Neil Fox.

Led by their personal stories and experiences of being investigated, while in the full glare of the national media, including video diaries recorded with Paul Gambaccini and Neil Fox at the time, the documentary explores the immediate and longer-lasting impact the process had on them, their families, careers and reputations, as well as examining the wider legacy of Yewtree through their eyes. The documentary also hears from some of those close to the police investigation, along with journalists who were involved in the national conversation surrounding Yewtree.

 “The Accused: National Treasures on Trial explores what it’s like to find yourself at the heart of a police investigation into alleged historic sex crimes," Jessie Versluys, executive producer, Curious Films said. "Using first-hand testimonies, it looks at the role of the media during this period, and the argument around whether celebrities should be named in the press before any charge has been made. At the same time it asks searching questions about Yewtree and assesses its role in changing Britain’s attitudes towards sex, morality, consent, gender relations and what we expect from public figures.”