Channel 5 and Paramount+ commission Wonderhood Studios "Inside the Hilton on Park Lane"

The four-part working title is directed by Bill Bailey, and produced and directed by Sam Wildman.


Channel 5 has commissioned Wonderhood  Studios to produce the new documentary series with exclusive access inside the London Hilton on Park Lane, the first Hilton hotel in the UK, as it undergoes a renovation in honor of its 60th Anniversary. “This year is the most significant in the history of London Hilton on Park Lane since we opened in 1963. Not only are we celebrating our 60th anniversary, but we are undergoing an exciting top-to-bottom refurbishment which will achieve a new level of elegance," Matthew Mullan, General Manager of the London Hilton on Park Lane said. "We are thrilled to have opened our doors at such an important time to the documentary team from Wonderhood Studios who have become part of the hotel’s family. We have a truly special team here at the hotel and I can’t wait for the Channel 5 and Paramount audiences to get to know the characters who make the hotel what it is.”

"Inside the Hilton on Park Lane" is directed by Bill Bailey and produced and directed by Sam Wildman and executively produced by Tom Anstiss and Wonderhood’s Creative Director Samantha Anstiss. The production manager for the project is Georgina Brown and Lianne Hickey is Head of Production. The series was commissioned by Kit Morey for Channel 5. Other recent productions and commissoins confirmed by Wonderhood Studios are "Evacuation," "The Kidnap of Angel Lynn," "Dodi: Last Days of a Playboy," "My Grandparents’ War," "Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life," "Scouting for Girls: Fashion’s Darkest Secret" and "Devil’s Advocate." “London Hilton on Park Lane epitomises luxury and this series gives us an exciting sneak peek behind the scenes as it undergoes a major overhaul," Kit Morey, Channel 5 and Paramount+, Unscripted, Commissioning Editor, said. "With exclusive access-all-areas, we get to meet the amazing team and capture all the stories.”

From the Dalai Lama, Princess Diana to Cher, the London Hilton on Park Lane offers an exclusive Mayfair address, and its grand ballroom and opulent Galvin at Windows restaurant on the 28th floor. The hotel continues to attract celebrities, VIPs and upwards of 200,000 guests a year. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the hotel is being renovated and will soon feature a new lobby, restaurant, bar and newly designed rooms and suites.

The four-part working title steps behind-the-scenes to capture a seminal moment in the hotel’s history. With access to the hotel’s team members, the builders, the designers and the guests, the series delivers various details about the hotel.“Running one of London’s biggest hotels is a remarkable challenge every day, let alone one undergoing such a vast reconstruction. The hotel is a fascinating cultural microcosm of modern Britain," Tom Anstiss, Executive Producer, Wonderhood Studios said. "The staff and the guests come from all over the world, and the hotel runs a pioneering scheme to recruit people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Alongside immersive actuality, our series delves into the staff and guests’ rich back-stories, like few have done before. We’re delighted to bring this eye-opening new series to Channel 5.”

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