The purpose of the program is to support newcomers into the production industry. The budget is set at over 960,000 and the maximum contribution per project is set at $56,000 or 75% of eligible costs.


The Canada Media Fund announced its plan to reopen the WildBrain-CMF Kids & Family Development Program to support the development of Canadian kids’ and family content. Applications will be accepted until the 30th of November.

The program budget is set at over $960,000 and aims to support new entrants to the production community as well as regional projects, creators in official language minority communities, and French-language producers. Half of the program’s funds are reserved for women-led projects. 

Projects applying to the Wildbrain-CMF Kids and Family Development Program must undergo an examination to ensure they meet funding qualifications. To make its funding decisions, the CMF evaluates projects according to a set of criteria which include market interest, the creative team’s composition, originality, and creativity, as well as the program’s objectives. The maximum contribution per project will be the lesser of $56,000 or 75% of the project’s eligible costs.

The program will support development activities in the CMF-supported genres of Children’s and Youth and Drama, including the acquisition of underlying rights, scripts, bibles, and storyboards with some additional funding allocated for travel and pitch materials. Some of the convergent streaming offers include the Anglophone Minority Incentive, CMF Quebec Fund, Intellectual Properties Program, and CMF Sodec Predevelopment, the Indigenous Program, among numerous others.