Kanal D International’s operations will be managed by a female touch, after the former executive director has left his charge.

24 MAY 2021

Ekin Koyuncu

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Kanal D has appointed Ekin Koyuncu, the sales manager of Central & Eastern Europe, as the new Executive Director of Kanal D International, after Kerim Emrah Turna left his charge.

“As a company culture in Kanal D, we value and support diversity, equity & inclusion. In terms of our commitment to these values, we offer every member at our team an opportunity to thrive. We salute Ekin Koyuncu with a warm welcome. I believe KDI will continue to grow and expand with Ekin’s fresh energy and female perspective.” says Murat Saygi, the CEO of Kanal D.

Being a part of the industry for 12 years at the various positions of network & broadcasting companies, Ekin Koyuncu was responsible for KDI’s sales operations in Central & Eastern Europe for 3 years and will also continue to manage the operations in her region.

She has been responsible for the growth and reach of Turkish content and the company's ongoing network expansion efforts in the territory.