Espresso sells more than 90 hours of factual content to global VOD platforms

The company has concluded four new deals with Pluto TV, Crackle, Extreme International and 360 Sports.


"When We Were Apollo"


Espresso Media International announces a series of recently completed documentary VOD package sales, totalling 90+ hours, to platforms worldwide. “We’ve got a great balance of feature docs and mini-series in these packages, in some of our best-selling genres – but it’s fantastic to see the breadth of the catalogue that has been covered across these exciting new partnerships with Crackle, Extreme, 360 and Pluto,” says Amy Freshwater, Head of Sales and Acquisitions.“The diversity of their online offering is a representation of a broad global appetite, as we bring lesser-known stories to an international audience; alongside popular, timeless subject matters.”

“We are very excited about our first deals with these varied VOD platforms. The VOD market is exploding for us and our producers, and brings new life and exposure to both our best-selling titles and for more recent emerging titles,” adds David Hooper, Managing Director. “These are very exciting times for distributors and producers alike in the documentary world.”

In their first deal with Pluto TV, Espresso have licensed 17 hours of content to their Spain, Spanish-Speaking US, and Latin American territories. 9 titles in the package are from Espresso’s space catalogue, including the 2020 Emmy Award-winning "When We Were Apollo" (1x52’/ 1x90’) and best-selling titles "Life in Outer Space" (1x52’), "The Saturn V Story" (1x52’).

Marking the start of another brand-new partnership, Crackle have acquired 24 titles for the US across a broad range of genres including social, crime and arts. The package includes bestselling titles "The Moors Murders" (3x26’) and "You Asked to See the Monster" (1x52’), as well as 2021 mystery series "Sight Seers" (8x30’), with the programmes currently being rolled out on the streaming platform.

Espresso have also concluded two VOD packages with sports-based VOD platforms Extreme International and 360 Sports. Extreme International have taken 24 hours of content worldwide, including "Losing Sight of Shore"; and "Student Athlete" (1x92’). Espresso have also licensed these titles as part of an 18 hour package to 360 Sports. The new sports streaming platform launched in the UK, Ireland and USA last week; and has also acquired documentaries such as festival favourite "Swim Team" (1x52’).