UK's Channel 5 picks up two Espresso premium documentaries

"Legend’s End: The Loch Ness Story" will be aired on Channel 5 while "The Secret Spitfires" will be launched on 5Select platform.

11 MAY 2023

"Legend’s End: The Loch Ness Story"

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Espresso Media International has inked a new deal with Channel 5, which sees "Legend’s End: The Loch Ness Story" (1x52’) airing on Channel 5 and "The Secret Spitfires" (1 x 52’) launching on 5Select platform. Cherry Vantreen, Director of Acquisitions and Co-Productions, Channel 5 said: “We are delighted to showcase these excellent documentaries on our portfolio of Channels. The mystery surrounding Loch Ness remains a source of fascination for our viewers and the personal account s showcased in 'The Secret Spitfires' bring this previously untold story to life.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Channel 5 on these quintessentially British documentaries,” says Jess Reilly, Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Espresso. “We are delighted for our Loch Ness story to have a Sunday night premiere slot, on Channel 5, where the world’s greatest monster story finds a natural home.”

Also airing on NHK in Japan, this brand-new documentary tells the complete and definitive story of Loch Ness and the monster that purportedly lurks there, from a detailed forensic examination of evidence - photographic, filmed, anecdotal and cultural - to the first-hand stories of those who claim to have seen the monster while being drawn to both the phenomenon and the place.

Narrated by Paul Thornley, "The Secret Spitfires" uncovers the best kept secret in WWII, told by the few that were involved in the mystery. After relentless bombing of the Spitfire factories in Southampton, the Germans were convinced they had halted the production of the Spitfires for good. However, Britain had a secret plan... through unique eyewitness accounts, never-before-seen footage and unprecedented access to some of the hidden locations involved in this important operation.