Espresso's cutting-edge space, history and social series head to Germany

The International TV distributor has sold a range of documentaries to Welt, ZDFE, RTL and Deustche Welle.


"Off Earth"


Espresso Media International announces a series of documentary sales to German Broadcasters Welt, ZDFE, RTL and Deustche Welle. Amy Freshwater, Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Espresso, says: “Welt are long-standing, valued clients who have been early adopters of our Space content, which have been a pleasure to complete with their expertise and passion for the genre. We are delighted that our repeat deals with Deutsche Welle continue alongside a second sizeable package with ZDFE – these licenses, plus an exciting new partnership with RTL further enhance our reach into the German speaking market.”

Espresso’s latest space releases "Off Earth" (1x52’) and "A Message to the Stars" (1x52’), both from expert space producers Somadrome, have sold to Welt. “Espresso offers these great space shows by an ambitious production company – exactly what our audience is asking for” says Karsten Schrader, Head of Factual Acquisitions and CoProductions at Welt.

ZDFE have taken a varied package of space, history and crime documentaries including "Life Behind the Stars" (1x52’) and "Asteroids: A New Horizon" (2x52’) which explores the link between life and the rest of the universe, and how asteroids hold the key for companies to launch into deep space. Also "Foo Fighters: Then and Now" (2x45’) combines space with history, exploring UFO sightings during the second world war; whilst "Syndrome K: The Disease That Stopped the Nazis" (1x52’) uncovers the incredible story of a group of doctors who invented a disease to protest Jewish people from Nazi capture in one of Rome’s hospitals. "Catching Killers", meanwhile, is a 10 x 52’ true crime series following detectives, forensics specialists and prosecutors as they chase leads and take down the deadliest criminals.

To RTL, Espresso have licensed social feature documentary "The Pickup Game" (1x98’), a provocative insider investigation exposing the secrets of the scandal-filled yet thriving pickup industry.

To Deustche Welle, Espresso have also licensed "Not Carol", about an extreme case of post-partum psychosis; and "No Small Matter", which explores the importance of early years education. This is in addition to DW renewing their licence with Espresso for India’s "Forgotten People", a social documentary directed by media personality Deana Uppal.