Ex Paramount executive Cristina Alcelay joins Garbo Produzioni

The veteran professional has named new Head of Scripted of Garbo Stories, branch in Madrid of the holding company.

3 MAY 2023

Cristina Alcelay

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Maite Bulgari’s Garbo Produzioni has appointed former Paramount executive Cristina Alcelay as Head of Scripted of Garbo Stories, branch in Madrid of Italian-Spanish audiovisual group. Emmy International nominated Cristina Alcelay has a long career in the entertainment and drama industry. For more than 20 years, she was director of the Comedy Central channel and, since 2019, director of content and production at Viacom International Studios for Spain, France and Italy.

"I’m delighted that Cristina Alcelay has joined the Garbo Produzioni group. Her experience in international markets and her undoubted professional skills are a valuable contribution to our company's growth strategy" said the President of Holding “Magari”, Maite Bulgari.

"I’m very excited to be part of Garbo Stories, it’s an honour for me working with Maite Bulgari and the Garbo team and I know that together we’ll be able to create high quality contents" Alcelay declared.

Garbo Produzioni is an independent production company established in 2017, founded by Maite Bulgari. The company has always been committed to the conception and production of a vast catalogue of high-quality television series, docuseries and entertainment products, intended for Italian audience but with a distinct international vocation. The company is the creator of successful series in Italy such as "L’Ispettore Coliandro", "La Porta Rossa" and "Il silenzio dell'acqua."

Garbo recently acquired an equity stake in the company Onza, signing a strategic industrial alliance for the development of joint projects.