20 MAY 2022

Garbo Produzioni highlights Italian documentaries at Cannes Film Festival

The Italian production company is showing a film documentary about entrepreneur Flavio Briatore; the film "Il Volo" about the famous opera pop trio as well as a doc about the Pope Francisco.

20 MAY 2022

Flavio Briatore and Michael Schumache

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Garbo Produzioni is heading to the 75th Cannes Film Festival with a slate of projects for the International Market including a film documentary about entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, focused on his career and life. The series (4x50’) is written by Giovanni Filippetto, produced by Garbo and Arcobaleno 3 in Italian, Spanish and English.

Maite Bulgari, CEO of the group, that includes Garbo Stories, the Spanish branch led by Raul Ballestero and Anthos (documentary), said: "We’ll discover the world of his today and yesterday, his present and his past. Briatore’s story will be revealed by him, and from his point of view. And there will be many other witnesses to act as a counterpoint, characters of first–rate importance who serve to support his personal “point of view”.

"Il Volo" is the other title, high in development, a film documentary about the rise of Italian musical group Il Volo in cooperation with Pulse Films and directed by Giorgio Testi. “It’s the story of the one of the most famous opera pop triossaid Maiteas they become famous with a deep inside in their life and emotional journeys of tight schedules and challenges living together and moving constantly around the world in exhausting tours”.

Garbo Produzioni is also presenting the documentary "Pope Francis - The Jorge Bergoglio Story", a (112') in collaboration with Telefe, dedicated to the 10 years after Pope election, about the true story of Jorge Maria Bergoglio before becoming Francis.

Now, Garbo is editing the third season of thriller series "La Porta Rossa" (Rai 2), starring Lino Guanciale as commissioner Cagliostro trapped in a limbo between the world of living and the dead in love with his wife and judge Anna (Gabriella Pession). In the last few years, Garbo produced the series "The Silence of Water" (2 seasons for Canale 5) recently sold in France and Rai 2 hit "Ispettore Coliandro" that reached 8 seasons.