The series was also marketed for Disney+ in Latin America and in the Spanish market for RTVE and the À Punt channel. The animation production is an adaptation to the television format of the main character of the film 'Turu, The Wacky Hen'.


Filmax confirmed that the rights to the musical animation series "Turu and The Wackies" had been sold to Disney Plus for Latin America, as well as to the RTVE and the À Punt channel in Spain. “Turu and The Wackies” is a musical animated series aimed at pre-school children. The series, whose animation is of the highest quality, introduces an original song per episode, each one from a different musical genre: Rock, Pop, Soul, and Funk, offering not only entertainment but also teaching the young viewers about music.

The series is a TV adaptation of the star character of the movie ’Turu, The Wacky Hen’, which won the Goya for Best Animated Feature in Spain, was a finalist in the Best Ibero-American Film category at the Quirino Awards, and had its premiere at the San Sebastian and Mar de Plata Film Festivals. The movie, which has been sold to over 75 countries by Filmax, tells the story of how an unusual little hen finds her place in the world, using her unique, personal talents to overcome her fears and embark on an adventure that will lead her to be reunited with her loved ones.

The series’ project is led by Tandem Films, a production company based in Madrid, founded by Pablo Bossi and Cristina Zumárraga, who bring a combined experience of decades in the international co-production market and especially in upscale projects. The company acts as a bridge between Latin America and Europe, developing and producing projects with international ambition. Tandem Films produces fictional and animated feature films, as well as TV series for a global audience. “Our aim was to make a high-quality, 3D series, that teaches the pre-school audience musical culture and values, through the fun and exciting adventures of a group of animals who decide to form a musical band, and I'm extremely satisfied because we did it!”, says the executive producer Pablo Bossi. “Throughout the series, the children will receive coherent and ethical content, something that is essential for creating a believable and sustainable brand, and we are sure that parents will also notice its positive effect.”

The series, which is made up of 26 episodes of 5' 30” each, is a Spanish-Argentinean co-production from Tandem Films, Filmax, Turanga, and Anima Producciones AIE, in co-production with Pampa Films, and with the participation of RTVE, À Punt, ICEC and the IVAC. The series is being sold internationally by Filmax. Iván Díaz, Head of International at Filmax said: “Turu, The Wacky Hen has enjoyed huge success in terms of international sales and set a very high-quality standard, which the series has used as a springboard. Combining both things will lead to great sales, I'm sure. Furthermore, the fact that Disney Plus has bought the emission rights for Latin America, as well as the support we've received from the TV channels RTVE and À Punt in Spain, confirm that we were right to place our confidence in the series”. The series “Turu and The Wackies” will be ready for delivery in February 2022. Buyers can already see the first 4 episodes.

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