Global Agency secures global rights for “Uprising Kitchen”

The Japanese show was nominated for the Content Asia Awards 2023 and won the Silver Award. 

12 OCT 2023

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Global Agency and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV) have signed an exclusive representation agreement for cooking game show “Uprising Kitchen”. The show was nominated for the Content Asia Awards 2023 and won the Silver Award."We would like to send a big Thank You to Contentasia Awards 2023 for such an honorable award," Yoshikuni Kawada, Division Director, Content Business Department, YTV said. "YTV is one of the best entertainment powerhouses in Japan. I am very proud of my team’s hard- working to produce the great cooking show and its creativity. Also, we are very thrilled to work again with Global Agency. Once their international reach is fused with our incomparable creativity, the world would be attracted to fantastic content made in Japan."

“Uprising Kitchen” is a cooking show in which a first-class chef, a housewife, and a novice compete to produce the best dish, with the experienced cooks facing challenges to even out the contest. The amateur cook is given a large amount of money to spend on ingredients, the housewife receives a moderate sum, and the master chef gets just a small amount. The unfair distribution of money, designed to even out the contest, adds to the show’s fun, frustrations and ingenuity. Levelling the playing field even further, the master chef must work with a tiny counter, while the rivals have bigger areas, and cards drawn from a lottery machine enable contestants to set challenges for their rivals.

The show is centered around cooking and food, which is always a popular topic for audiences. Viewers can learn new recipes and cooking techniques while watching the contestants create their dishes. The panel of gourmet experts adds credibility to the show and provides valuable feedback on the dishes. This can be interesting to viewers who want to learn more about the culinary world. The show offers a new twist on cooking shows by pitting a top chef against a housewife celeb and an amateur cooking celeb. This creates an interesting dynamic and makes the competition more exciting. Viewers can root for their favorite contestant and see who comes out on top.

"'Uprising Kitchen' is a new entertaining cooking show in our catalogue. It is a battle between a first-class chef, a housewife celeb, and an amateur cooking celeb," Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said. "It is a successful format in Japan and appeals to the whole family with strong co-viewing. The budget-based cooking challenge adds an extra layer of excitement and creativity, as the contestants will have to come up with unique and innovative dishes that fit the theme. We believe it will attract the attention of audiences in many countries.