9 JUN 2021


The six-part emotive, musical, and suspense-charged family story produced by Constantin Television in cooperation with ZDF recently wrapped up its filming in Berlin and Bavaria.


Global Screen has taken on the task of distributing Constantin Television’s “The Palace.” Director Uli Edel presents a TV event series on the largest stage in the world. In mid-November 2020 cameras started rolling on “The Palace” in Poland; last week filming wrapped up in Berlin and Bavaria.

The show was produced by Constantin Television in cooperation with ZDF through the work of Kathrin Bullemer and Rüdiger Böss alongside Creative Producer Fritz Wildfeuer and Executive Producer Oliver Berben. Frank Zervos, Matthias Pfeifer, Ronja Reitzig and Günther van Endert are at the reins at ZDF. Global Screen is responsible for global distribution. Uli Edel directs, while the scripts are written by Rodica Doehnert, who is also acting as Creative Producer. Svenja Jung has taken on the dual role of Chris/Marlene.

The cast also includes Anja Kling, Heino Ferch, Friedrich von Thun, Inka Friedrich, Ursula Werner, Hermann Beyer, Jeanette Hain, August Wittgenstein, Hannes Wegener, Luise Befort, Annabella Zetsch, Alina Levshin and Daniel Donskoy. There are six 45-minute episodes planned for the series.

Its the first time the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin will serve as the central setting for a fictional series. Taking place at the end of the 1980s, the story showcases twin sisters Chris and Marlene,who meet for the first time in their lives as adults in what proves to be a fateful encounter. The women soon start wondering what their lives would have been like if their situations weren't overborne by the Berlin wall and the 40th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic in East Germany. They decide to swap places and dive into each other’s lives, confusing and deceiving their families, friends, and colleagues, being pushed to their emotional limits, taking an enormous risk given the political circumstances at the time, and yet having the best fun on this adventure of a lifetime.