14 SEP 2020


Hallypop, the newest and first-ever digital channel in the Philippines that’s set to be a one-stop-shop for K-Pop, variety, and entertainment programs beginning September 20.

14 SEP 2020

"Music Bank"

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GMA Network and the international streaming media company Jungo TV have launched Hallypop, the newest and first-ever digital TV channel in the Philippines that’s a one-stop-shop for K-Pop, variety, and entertainment programs on September 20.

This partnership gives Filipino audiences free access to immensely popular South Korean programs, including music countdown show "Music Bank" and top-rated variety show "Running Man".

GMA Network Chairman and CEO Felipe L. Gozon shared his excitement towards this partnership with international content distributor Jungo TV, “We are grateful to Jungo TV and Mr. Chung for entrusting us with their channel and content to be the first here in the Philippines to distribute their content.”

First Vice President for Program Management Jose Mari R. Abacan aims to widen GMA’s library of content via Hallypop, “We have the heart of fans and that's going to be seen in the way we program Hallypop. A lot of people are looking forward to that Hallyu (Korean Wave) content. Having another channel that could actually focus on having certain materials like variety shows, K-pop, and reality shows, it can complement what we have started for the Heart of Asia so I'm excited about it because we have a lot of things to learn from these Asian contents.”

“Hallypop represents a new and exciting direction in the reimagined world of Asian entertainment,” said Jungo TV CEO and co-founder George Chung. "We are excited to expand on Hallypop’s success in the United States and honored to be partnered with GMA, led by the vision and leadership of Mr. Gozon, that allows us to bring top-tier Korean and Asian pop culture entertainment to the best and most loyal fans in the world.”

"I am proud of Jungo TV's ability to bring high-quality, affordable video content to these audiences across the globe," said Dr. Mehmet Oz, Emmy® Award-winning host of “The Dr. Oz Show” and co-founder of Jungo TV.