27 SEP 2021

Gusto TV produces a new original series: "Holiday Eatz"

The new 10-episode project is set to air on Gusto TV’s channels across the globe this winter.


Gusto TV


Gusto TV announces its newest show "Holiday Eatz" (10×30), shot in the company’s state-of-the-art production facility. The new 10-episode project is set to air on Gusto TV’s channels across the globe this winter.

“It’s exciting to get rolling on our new show 'Holiday Eatz' and to have host Kimberly Lallouz back in the studio for her second Gusto TV series,” says Keren Jackman, the Senior Producer at Gusto Worldwide Media. “The set is gorgeous, it’s dynamic and intimate, and Kimberly is bringing all the talent to this next production.”

Each episode of "Holiday Eatz" centers around a well-known day of celebration, whether with the family (Mother’s Day), friends (Game Day) or the community (Fourth of July). The show focuses on making fun and accessible holiday-themed meals, and the host Kimberly Lallouz has the confidence, knowledge and humour to make the audience feel like part of the family.

Back for her second series as a Chef and Host at Gusto TV, Kimberly Lallouz is an ambitious restaurateur and successful businesswoman from Montreal. Host of "One Big Recipe", Kimberly is ready to celebrate the holidays in style in this newest Gusto TV original, "Holiday Eatz."

Gusto TV lands on SelectTV

Gusto TV was launched on FreeCast's SelectTV service in the United States. SelectTV hosts TV shows, movies, and events and will now serve American audiences Gusto TV. "We're thrilled to be a part of Freecast's innovative SelectTV service and offer content such as Cook Like a Chef, DNA Dinners, and more to wider American audiences," says Chris Knight, CEO and President of Gusto Worldwide Media.

"This is a great time for us to partner with Gusto TV,” says Tracy West, Executive Vice President of Digital Content and Channel Distribution for FreeCast. “For the past year, consumers have been spending more time at home, eating out less, and discovering new at-home hobbies. Even as the pandemic comes to an end, many of these trends will remain. A cooking channel that's entertaining and fun is a perfect fit for the moment and poised for growth."