Hari secures 130 half hours of global deals for "Mystery Lane"

The animated comedy adventure series will make its way to China through a partnership between Paris-based Midolala, with Youku Kids, as well as Europe through Rai in Italy, YLE in Finland, NRK in Norway and TV3 Catalonia in Spain.


Hari has confirmed a series of deals for 130 half hours of its 3D CGI animated classic series, "Mystery Lane," a title through which Scooby Doo meets Sherlock Holmes. “As kids, we loved the character of Sherlock Holmes, and we wanted to offer youngsters an investigative series with an atmosphere as mysterious and striking as Scooby-Doo but with sophisticated twists and discoveries a la Conan Doyle," Josselin Charier said. "It’s this mix of   detective work, suspense and comedy, all coming together in feature quality CGI, that makes the show unique.”

For the first time, "Mystery Lane" will make its way to China through a partnership between Paris-based Midolala, with Youku Kids, who have picked up the exclusive video-on-demand (VOD) rights. European public service broadcasters including Rai in Italy, YLE in Finland, NRK in Norway and TV3 Catalonia in Spain have also acquired the free-to-air rights for the series.

"Mystery Lane" will reach Rai Gulp, as well as Rai Play freeVOD offer, and YLE in December 2023, NRK in March 2024, TV3 Catalonia’s Super3 channel in January 2024, and Youku in 2024. The series is currently airing on public service broadcasters France Televisions’ France 4 and Okoo, ABC in Australia, SVT in Sweden, RTS Kids in Switzerland and Telequebec in Quebec. It also airs on ITV in the UK and Disney Channel/Disney + in Germany.

The investigative comedy adventure series targets kids aged 6 and their families. The title consists of 26 x 22 minute episodes. It was created by executive producers and co-founders of HARI Josselin Charier and Antoine Rodelet. The series has also received a prestigious Pulcinella award. “Since launch, the show has performed amazingly in markets across the world, and received critical acclaim from national cultural media. We’ve also had incredible feedback from parents and fans," Hari’s head of sales, Sophie ‘Kido’ Prigent said. "Such a prestigious array of partners is something we are immensely proud of, and will propel the series to global fame!” 

The series is set in London, where Clever, a young hamster with extraordinary analytical abilities and her little brother Bro lead investigations. Will they be able to resolve the most unusual cases, ones that baffle even Scotland Yard? The new classic à la Scooby Doo meets Sherlock Holmes contains mystery, action, suspense and fun, packed in feature-quality CGI animation, with sophisticated storytelling that aims to captivate kids and families globally.

“For us, with Clever and Bro, it was love at first sight! High quality animation, fantastic looking characters, appealing storytelling and funny dialogues," Rai Kids’ head of acquisitions, Annalisa Liberi, said. "We’re looking forward to the two young hamsters bringing their detective adventures to Rai Gulp and Rai Play, where they will be among the best animated titles the platforms have to offer.”