HITN launches pay TV linear channel EDYE TV

All viewers of the linear channel or programming blocks will also have online access to the games, activities, and books that are part of the EDYE ecosystem. It will be available across the US and Latam.

18 APR 2024

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HITN-TV, an American network of educational and informative media in Spanish, announced today that, on the 5th anniversary of the successful launch of EDYE, its SVOD preschool streaming service, HITN has decided to expand the ecosystem with the launch of a linear channel for Pay TV, as well as programming blocks for broadcast television. The new service, named EDYE TV, will be available to the Hispanic market in the United States, Latin America, and Brazil. EDYE TV will feature a selection of titles from EDYE´s  library and will be programmed with an innovative system selecting content as a “surprise” for its viewers instead of a set programming grid. 

Programs will be announced by Ray, EDYE´s  mascot, just before the start of each episode. The system will operate under an algorithm that will provide equitable exposure to all series and reduce the perception of repetition. Transmission will be carried out from HITN´s  Brooklyn, New York facilities. This new service is being negotiated with pay television operators who would like to broadcast linearly 24 hours a day. In addition, EDYE TV is available as programming blocks for broadcast television channels that want to offer children´s content without taking on the technical operation.

EDYE SVOD subscribers who have access to the app in all regions will also be able to enjoy the linear channel at no additional cost. EDYE TV offers a wide selection of content from international preschool programming distributors and producers, which will be complemented by original production titles from EDYE. All viewers of the linear channel or programming blocks will have online access to all the games, activities, and books that are part of the EDYE ecosystem. Additionally, users can take advantage of the educational parenting content that HITN has developed and continues to grow, now under the brand "Padres 911". 

Guillermo Sierra, Head of Television and Digital Services at HITN referred to the new challenge: "We are very pleased with the success our EDYE SVOD service has had throughout the region. We believe it is the ideal time to expand our presence and develop an ecosystem of services under the same brand. The preschool audience deserves access to the best content on all possible screens, and parents want to be at ease knowing that the content their children are consuming has a positive value", stated.