HITN Secures The Rights To Air “Servant Of The People”

HITN will broadcast Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s TV show next month as the first Spanish Language network to air this now-iconic series.

18 MAR 2022

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HITN has confirmed that it has secured the rights for the broadcast of “Servant of the People,” which stars the former actor and current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This now-iconic series has propelled the actor into the presidency of Ukraine and has placed him at the center of the world’s attention during the current events.

HITN will begin broadcasting the series in Spanish-language under the title “Servidor del Pueblo” in the upcoming weeks and will accompany the presentation with a wide campaign to raise awareness and
promote donations for UNICEF’s support of the children in the region. One more time, HITN dedicates its resources to informing and inspiring the US Hispanic community during times of crisis.

This entertaining comedy series tells the story of a modest and humble high school teacher whose students use contemporary tactics, like social media and crowdfunding, to launch a presidential campaign. To his surprise, he is elected president and goes on to tackle his new job with the same principles and honesty that guided him in the classroom. In real life, the Ukrainian people fell in love with his vision and charisma and elected him as their President in 2019 with over 73% of the votes.