HITN to launch “Isabel” Spanish series

The show, about Isabel I of Castille, premiers June 26th.

22 JUN 2022

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HITN TV will air “Isabel”, the award-winning Spanish series that tells the gripping story of Isabel I of Castille. The show centers on the most famous queen of Spain and one of the most important women in history, whose reign resulted in the unification of her country and the discovery of America. First season covers the years 1461-1474, from her childhood through her marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon and the civil wars for the throne of Castille, ending with her coronation as queen at the age of 23.
“At HITN we are committed to providing series that are not only rooted in history, but inspire viewers to learn and live more, motivating them to improve the quality of their lives and those around them. Isabel is the story of a strong woman who not only ruled in Spain, but changed the course of history. These series allow viewers the opportunity to challenge themselves and ask what they can do to change the world”, said Erika Vogt Lowell, Director of Programming and Acquisitions at HITN.
“Isabel” will air every Sunday and will be available any time via the HITN GO mobile app. A story about an excepcional woman, who was ahead of her time. From a young age, Isabel took control of her life and rejected a passive role. She attained power and rule destined only for men, paying the price of palace intrigue and deceptions