31 AUG 2020


The fresh App with a renewed user experience has been added to Directv and AT&T TV’s offerings to provide Spanish-speaking families access to a library of the best content, wherever and whenever they choose.


HITN TV announced that the recently updated HITN GO application has been added to the offerings of Directv and AT&T TV, making an extensive library of the best content in Spanish available to millions of Spanish-speaking subscribers. Directv and AT&T TV customers will now be able to download the HITN GO app and use it at the time and place of their choice.

“We are delighted HITN GO’s digital content will be included on Directv and AT&T TV, while reaffirming our commitment to offer value-added services that are well suited to current digital consumption patterns and have been made available in a timely manner to keep company with Hispanic families in the U.S. during this new normal that we are living,” said Eric Turpin, General Manager of HITN. He added, “AT&T’s integration of HITN GO on its TV services allows us to reach an audience of millions of Spanish speakers with the best content, so they can enjoy their favorite shows wherever and whenever they want.”

Directv and AT&T TV will now offer its subscribers the HITN GO app so they can access a library of hundreds of hours of VOD content, including educational and informational programs, documentary spectaculars, and nature shows. The HITN GO app is also available for Android, iOS, Roku, and Apple TV.

The availability of content, channels, and offerings varies in each market, depending on the video subscription package that has been selected.