26 MAR 2021


HITN offers Directv viewers in Puerto Rico HITN-TV’s educational and entertainment content by joining Directv Puerto Rico’s platform since March 1st.


HITN TV announced an agreement with Directv Puerto Rico to include its extensive cultural, educational and entertainment programming in Puerto Rico. This association will allow the operator to access high-quality content in Spanish as of March 1, 2021 on channel 764.

“We are thrilled that HITN TV’s content will be included on Directv Puerto Rico, which will allow HITN-TV to reach more families with our educational and entertainment content,” said Eric Turpin, General Manager at HITN. He added, “Through this partnership, we are strengthening our growth strategy on the island”.

"At Directv we are committed to bringing the best entertainment experience to our subscribers by bringing valuable content to their homes for the whole family”, said Belkys Mata, AVP Sales Operations Directv Puerto Rico.

HITN is a leading Spanish-language media network dedicated to advancing the educational, cultural, and socio-economic aspirations of the Hispanic community through the development and distribution of quality, authentic content on television, online, and in the community.

HITN’s content will also be available for Directv Puerto Rico’s subscribers through the digital app HITN GO. Directv Puerto Rico subscribers will be able to enjoy hundreds of hours of HITN-TV content, from educational programs to first rate nature and science documentaries, and health and wellness content. The HITN GO app can be downloaded from Apple’s App store, Google Play, Apple TV and Roku services.