Inter Medya expands its Turkish mini-series strategy

The initiative emerged in 2021 by creating the "New Generation Turkish Series" brand. Its contents are explicitly tailored for streaming platforms, providing a fresh perspective on traditional Turkish dramas.

29 FEB 2024

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The Turkish distribution company Inter Medya is at the forefront of enhancing its content portfolio through strategic investments and partnerships. Introducing the "New Generation Turkish Series" brand in 2021 is a pivotal initiative in this direction. This move enriches its mini-series offerings and elevates sales in this global brewing genre.

The "New Generation Turkish Series" are mini-series explicitly designed for streaming platforms, offering a fresh perspective on traditional Turkish dramas. The catalog consists of mini-series that derive their storytelling, character development, and production qualities from Turkish DNAs and represent Turkish dramas' bold, fast-paced, and edgy sides. They emerge as daring productions that contribute to the global success of Turkish content, offering a fresh interpretation to the familiar.

Turkish mini-series have begun appearing on numerous international digital platforms, providing an opportunity to reach many worldwide viewers who have not been previously acquainted with Turkish content. The success of Turkish mini-series on the local and global streaming platforms they are streamed has started to spill over to free-to-air channels. Next, we will review some of the company's latest international sales agreements.

Firstly, Inter Medya licensed "Interrupted" by Turkish production company Tims&B Productions and the original series "Dreams and Realities" to Italy's Mediaset. "Interrupted," comprising eight 45-minute episodes, has also found a welcoming audience in Morocco and Thailand.

The mini-series "Naked," following its licensing to Globo in Brazil, quickly gained traction with the audience and maintained top viewership for an extended period. The title has also been introduced to viewers in Poland and Thailand. Additionally, Inter Medya has secured deals for "Interrupted," "Respect," and "Behzat C" across the MENA region. The digital sequel to the legendary 9-season series, "Behzat C," has also found homes in Venezuela and the U.S. Hispanic market.