12 MAY 2021


Hit game show has been commissioned by Central Television in Mongolia and it's already conquered 11th territory worldwide.


"5 Gold Rings"


ITV Studios’ hit game show "5 Gold Rings" has been commissioned by Central Television in Mongolia. The broadcaster has acquired two seasons with the first season (26 episodes) launching later this year on Central TV.

The highly engaging and interactive game show has already dominated various broadcast schedules across the globe and has now conquered its 11th territory.

Ankhbayar Ganbold, CEO at Central Television, says “We are truly delighted about the fact that we are localizing and broadcasting '5 Golds Rings', one of the greatest cognitive TV shows on earth. We are confident that a localized version of '5 Gold Rings' can play an essential role in educating and entertaining the audience here.”  

"5 Gold Rings" is an  iconic game show, co-created by John de Mol and Possessed, part of ITV Studios, in which every pixel counts. Contestants answer questions by placing gold rings onto an animated picture, displayed on a huge LED floor. The prize money per level gets higher…whereas the rings get smaller! Viewers can play along at home, by using the app that is available for the show.