The CGI animated special (12 minutes) brings Studio 100’s beloved character Heidi to life in the well-known Playmobil look-and-feel.

13 FEB 2020

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Studio 100 Media and Playmobil announced that the “Heidi Special: Spring is here” will premiere on several popular TV channels in Europe this spring. Telling a heartwarming story of Heidi and her friends, the special takes the audience into the idyllic Alpine world of Heidi.

Among the channels to premiere “Heidi Special: Spring is here” are Canal Panda in Portugal, Kidzone in the Baltics, Studio 100 TV in Belgium, Toggolino on Super RTL for the German-speaking territories, TVPabc in Poland and the Rai Yoyo App in Italy. A second Heidi Playmobil special, “Heidi Special: Winter in Dörfli” will follow in Fall 2020, taking the audience to the wonderful winter landscape and snowy adventures with Heidi and her friends. Both specials are produced by Studio 100 Animation and distributed by Studio 100 Media.

Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 Media, says, “Watching Heidi and her world come to life in Playmobil ’s wonderful playsets as well as in the new CGI animations has been a great pleasure over the last months. This exciting cooperation with Playmobil  as a strong strategic partner both in the toys sector and on the content production side allows us to bring the Heidi brand experience to a new level.”

Heidi Playmobil Spring Special

Heidi is beaming with joy. Finally, spring is here! At last she can return to the cabin after an endless winter in the manor. Unfortunately, spring hasn’t yet arrived in the hearts of Grandfather, Josef and Peter. The three muffleheads are making it hard for Heidi to spread her good cheer. When Peter’s goats make a big mess in the cabin, her mood changes and Heidi withdraws to the goats’ stable. There, an excited Josef pays her a visit. His friend, Chippy the bird, and his new-found wife are in trouble. They need Heidi’s help to protect their nest and eggs from a hungry alpine chough. Courageously, Heidi keeps the nest secure by carrying it to the cabin. When they see her coming, Grandfather and Peter join the rescue mission. They both feel sorry for having been such muffleheads before. After they apologize, Heidi’s joyful mood returns. Now, spring has arrived for everybody and they can finally enjoy an eagerly awaited picnic at the Crystal Lake.

Studio 100 Media and Brandstätter Group have signed an extensive license deal for "Heidi". The multi-year agreement covers the worldwide rights with the exception of some territories in Asia. As part of the agreement, six detailed Playmobil  play sets bring Heidi’s Swiss Alps home to any playroom including characters, locations and stories from the series. There’s the titular heroine Heidi, her best friends Peter and Clara, as well as Grandfather, Aunt Dete and Miss Rottenmeier, the nanny. Original details and sophisticated features allow fans of Heidi to immerse themselves fully in Swiss mountain Press release life, as well as experiencing Heidi’s adventures in friendship and family -and telling brand new stories too! The endearing central characters invite fans of the series – both young and old – to be a part of their special story.