E-Ramadan Content Market concludes setting record numbers

Buyers managed to meet key industry players like S Productions, Studio 100 Media, Abacus Media Rights, Antin TV, Toonz Animation, Blue Media, Afamia Production, Mako Kids, and Rabee Alhajabed Art Production & Distribution, among others.


E-Ramadan Content Market (ERCM) held its annual two-day virtual platform with participants from across the globe, successfully facilitating more than 220 meetings between E-Sellers and E-Buyers, showcasing a wealth of exclusive content for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. ERCM witnessed a record-breaking turnout, highlighting its status as a premier platform for Ramadan content exchange. With producers, distributors, and service providers joining from MENA, Turkiye, Europe, and the Indian Sub-Continent, ERCM proved its ability for international reach and influence in the global content industry.

Buyers managed to meet key industry players like S Productions, Studio 100 Media, Abacus Media Rights, Antin TV, Toonz Animation, Blue Media, Afamia Production, Mako Kids, Rabee Alhajabed Art Production & Distribution and many more. Shoaib Ahmed, CMO of Ingenuity Productions (Pakistan), commented: "Returning for the second year in a row, the credit goes to the remarkable networking platform. A round of applause to their dedicated team for uniting an expansive international community of buyers and sellers on a single platform. E-Ramadan Content Market's seamless online portal and effective technical support have simplified the process, facilitating connections with the right individuals and organizations. We look forward to continued success!"

Rabee Alhajabed, Owner and General Manager of Rabee Alhajabed Art Production & Distribution FZE (UAE), mentioned: "For the 3rd year in a row, we participated in E-Ramadan Content Market, which enabled us to strengthen our relationships with existing clients, and build new relationships with potential clients not only in the MENA region but also in other foreign countries, discussing together possible collaborations in the near future regarding Arabic content and non-Arabic content for localization."

ERCM 2023 witnessed E-Buyers from over 15 countries engage in the event, including RTV Indonesia, Bahrain TV, BeIN, Shahid, Viu, Menassati, and DM Don Square Entertainment. Refat Alsahab, Acquisition Manager, IEN TV (Saudi Arabia), stated: "Many thanks for your outstanding efforts in this year's ERCM. The event was truly exceptional, boasting impeccable organization and perfect timing. The participants actively engaged and contributed to its success."

Ihab El-Eraky, Scheduling Manager, Al Rai Media Group (Kuwait), remarked: "ERCM is a great opportunity for people in the media business to meet online without the hassle of leaving the office and getting to know more promising formats and titles for the purpose of licensing or production."

Sama Moshgi, Head of Sales and Account Management, Dream Farm Studios (UK), commented: "Our experience with Ramadan Content Market was nothing short of outstanding. What stood out to us the most were the valuable connections we were able to foster, which we believe will be pivotal for our future endeavors. A special mention goes to the account managers and coordinators whose responsiveness and efficient follow-ups made the entire process seamless. The platform was user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish. We look forward to participating again and recommend this platform to anyone looking to expand their network in the content industry."

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