Premium canine series marks the first spin-off to the world-famous "Asterix" TV adventures.

7 JAN 2021

"Idefix And The Indomitables"

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LS Distribution (Mediawan group) has secured worldwide distribution rights to "Idefix And The Indomitables" (52x11’) from producers Studio 58. The premium Asterix themed CGI animated kids series is based on the adventures of Obelix’s beloved dog and his furry companions.

For the first time ever and marking a spin-off to the famous "Asterix" adventures, Idefix (aka Dogmatix) the adorable pooch featured in the legendary comic will have his very own TV series. Commissioned by France Télévisions, other broadcasters already on board include M6, Super RTL Germany, Télé Québec and RTS Switzerland.

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, Managing Director, LS Distribution said: “We are delighted to join forces with Studio 58. This adorable, animated adventure is also ‘littered’ with magic and humour that will enthrall kids and families the world over! Idefix and his friends will add another incredible dimension to the amazing Asterix universe, and we are confident our buyers, some of whom may already be fans of the comics, will embrace this gem of a series.”

Céleste Surugue, Producer, Studio 58 said: “Idefix is an endearing nature-loving character that can also educate kids in a fun way on so many levels about ancient history, friendship, courage, respect, environmental protection, non-bullying and so much more. Bringing him to life in a dedicated series has taken the Asterix world to another level. This high-end 3D animation will have all the key ingredients based on the classic storytelling as featured in the Asterix comics plus new elements that all kids today can relate to today.”


Based on an original idea by publishing house Editions Albert René, creators of the Asterix comic phenomenon, "Idefix And The Indomitables" targets kids 5 – 10 years and is produced by Studio 58 and GMT Productions.

Set in the year 52BC, when as we know Lutetia (Paris) was entirely occupied by Romans. The indomitables, a group of four-legged revolutionary Gauls led by Idefix, are still fighting the town’s romanization. In the Louve, a fortified roman palace, General Labienus and his pet cat ‘Monalisa’ must finish transforming Lutetia into a proper Roman city before they can return home to Rome, tasting victory at last.

The legendary Asterix characters were originally brought to life by cartoonists and illustrators René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo 61 years ago. Since then, the comic adventures have taken the world by storm, selling 385 million copies (each new album is printed at 5 million copies) 38 albums, and have been translated into 111 languages. Asterix has been a cinematic blockbuster with 10 animated and 4 live action movies to date (with 400 million dollars taken alone for the live action features that have been distributed in over 50 countries worldwide). The Asterix universe also boasts a successful video games franchise since the 80’s, a wide range of on-going licensed products, as well as major theme park in France ‘Parc Astérix’ that has attracted 160 million visitors. 

This adorable, animated adventure is also ‘littered’ with magic and humour that will enthrall kids and families the world over!” Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet Managing Director, LS Distribution