MarVista Entertainment to produce “The Chicken Sisters” for Hallmark

The production of the eight-episode series is underway in association with Fox Entertainment’s MarVista Entertainment, Lighthouse Pictures and Busy B Entertainment.

14 MAY 2024

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Hallmark announced that production has begun on “The Chicken Sisters”, a new original series based on the NY Times Bestseller of the same name and Reese’s Book Club selection penned by K.J. Dell’Antonia. To premiere later this year, the eight-episode series is produced by Fox Entertainment’s MarVista Entertainment in association with Lighthouse Pictures and Busy B Entertainment. Annie Mebane, Bradley Gardner, Larry Grimaldi, Ani Kevork, Hannah Pillemer, Fernando Szew, Shawn Williamson and Jamie Goehring are executive producers. International distribution will be handled by Fox Entertainment Global.

“Annie Mebane blew us away with her vision for ‘The Chicken Sisters’ — her unique spin and enthusiasm for this fried chicken feud had us excited from day one,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive Vice President, Programming, Hallmark Media. “And talk about a dream cast! Schuyler, Genevieve, Lea and Wendie are the perfect actors to lead this witty and heartfelt story. We are confident that each episode is going to leave our viewers craving more and more.”

“When I read ‘The Chicken Sisters’ by KJ Dell'Antonia, I fell in love with these characters. On the surface, the show is about two restaurants competing on a reality show, but it’s about the baggage we pass down through the generations and learning to unpack it,” Annie Mebane stated. “I love telling this multigenerational story focused on women: their frustrations, their desires, and ultimately, their healing. We've assembled an incredible cast, and we can't wait to welcome audiences to Merinac.”

“The Chicken Sisters” is a family drama dipped in southern charm and served up with a saucy side of romance. The setting is the fictional town of Merinac, where a generations-old rift between dueling fried chicken restaurants – Mimi’s and Frannie’s – has left the founders’ families fractured and the locals taking sides. When the popular cooking competition show “Kitchen Clash” comes to town, this could be the recipe for ending this feud once and for all. But things are fixing to heat up both inside and outside of the kitchen as the reality show spotlight causes sparks to fly as secrets are spilled and feathers get ruffled.