The nationwide informational TV channel is now available on Kartina.TV, the biggest European OTT operator.

17 JUL 2020

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From July 2020, subscribers of the biggest European OTT operator Kartina.TV can watch Media Group Ukraine’s informational channel Ukraine 24. From now on 5 million viewers in Europe and America can daily receive timely and checked information from the original source regardless of where they are.

In early 2019, Media Group Ukraine concluded a contract with Kartina.TV to broadcast the international versions of TV Channel Ukraine and NLO TV – Ukraine1/Ukraine2 and NLO TV 1/NLO TV 2.

Oleksandr Remezovskyi, Director of Distribution Pay TV channels and Media Platform Department: “The achievement of the new, international level by Ukraine 24 is especially crucial today given the current realities. After the coding of Ukrainian satellite TV channels, the access to objective information for Ukrainians living and traveling abroad shrank significantly. The launch of TV channel Ukraine 24 on OTT platforms is an important task for us. We believe Ukraine 24 can fill this niche, and we will actively promote our channel in the international market.”

“Today many people have access to quality informational content and honest news. Our channel is the fastest to react to current events and show different points of view and it always informs its viewers of the most important things. We cannot help not doing it. Ukraine 24 works for its viewers, and we are happy their number is growing all over the world,” says Yuriy Sugak, Chief Editor of News Group Ukraine.

Ukraine 24 is a nationwide informational TV channel broadcasted in HD. The project features the best specialists of the informational platform Syogodni and TV Channel Ukraine. The channel’s team has experience in large-scale covering of political, economic, sporting, and entertaining events, which enables them to create exciting and comprehensive content for the viewers.

During the six months after its launch, the channel has been showing the highest growth rate of indices among all its competitors and keeps approaching the leadership in the media scene among national information TV channels.