4 MAR 2024

Mistco closed new sales for "Secrets of an Angel" drama

Turkey's distributor sold Gold FIlm's drama to Namibia and South Africa, expanding the show's global reach.

4 MAR 2024

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Turkey's distributor Mistco announced new sales for the series "Secrets of an Angel" to Namibia and South Africa. The drama was produced by the Turkish company Gold FIlmMistco is an international brand management and content distribution agency specializing in titles, brands, and channels. Functioning as a target-oriented distribution company, the firm serves as the exclusive sales agent for Turkish Radio Television (TRT) and also globally distributes carefully selected Turkish dramas from other producers.

Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco, expressed great satisfaction regarding the international deployment of the product: "I am pleased that our great series, we're very pleased that our series broadcast in different territories and languages, and I hope they will travel more." 

"Secrets of an Angel" is a 90-episode starring Alp Navruz ("Hold My Hand," "Betrayals") and İrem Helvacioglu ("Lifeline"). The show is about a family whose members see their lives changed abruptly by a tragedy. Cennet, who was exposed to domestic violence for years by her husband, Yilmaz, gets sick and is hospitalized. While being treated, she sees a Lawyer, Zeynep's number, on the hospital window and calls her for help. She gives her a letter to be opened after she dies. This letter will bring Zeynep and Halil, the eldest son of Cennet, together and cause conflict between the siblings.