25 JAN 2023

Aysegul Tuzun: “‘Secrets of an Angel’ was a success that we expected”

The Managing Director at Mistco talks about "Bahar" and "Secrets of an Angel,” the latest Turkish dramas that the distributor added to its catalogue.

25 JAN 2023

Aysegul Tuzun

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The exclusive sales agent of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), one of the leading networks in Turkey, but also the distributor of selected Turkish dramas from other producers worldwide, Mistco is a powerhouse when it comes to dramas from Turkey. In the end of 2022, the company added two big shows to its catalogue: "Bahar" and "Secrets of an Angel.”

“Bahar” is the story of a young girl who is struggling to keep the goodness inside despite all darkness around. After witnessing the murder of her father, she is trying to prove that Aysun, her stepmother, committed the murder. At the same time, the love between Bahar and Demir, who she met just days before the murder, grows day by day, but becomes even more impossible since Aysun is obsessively attached to Demir and determined to win him at any cost. Their lives are turned upside down, and Bahar and Demir begin to be tested with both love and life.

“We are in production of ‘Bahar,’ and the first season will be completed in February. The second season has been commissioned as well as a result of great interest from the international players. Producing daily dramas is a trend in Turkey, but ‘Bahar’ is the most assertive one in terms of the cast, story, and production quality,”  told Señal News Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco.

Meanwhile, "Secrets of an Angel" premiered at TRT 1 and is produced by Gold Film, which is one of the key production companies behind many internationally popular titles like “Daydreamer,” “Mr. Wrong,” “Sisters,” and many others. Starring Alp Navruz and İrem Helvacıoğlu, the series is about a family whose members see their lives changed abruptly by a tragedy caused by domestic violence.

“‘Secrets of an Angel’ has been sold to several countries and many are on board for discussion, so it was a success that we expected. The story of a family tragedy as a consequence of domestic violence distinguishes this show, but also its cast, which includes İrem Helvacıoğlu from ‘Lifeline’ and Alp Navruz from ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Mrs. Fazilet.’ As well as all viewers, we are excited to see their love story in the series,”  Tuzun commented.

Currently present in Content Americas sharing its catalogue with its clients, Mistco's goal for this year is to continue distributing TRT content. “We represent TRT exclusively, so whatever they produce will be in our line-up. For example, ‘Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean’ and ‘The Hunter’ are our new titles from TRT. At the same time, we are looking for new projects to invest in,”  Tuzun concluded.

By Diego Alfagemez & Federico Marzullo