19 APR 2023

Aysegul Tuzun: “Our main goal is to make ‘Bahar’ an international brand”

Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco, describes the global potential of the company's first original IP, coproduced with Us Yapim, while explaining its recent international content deals.

19 APR 2023

Aysegul Tuzun

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Mistco has entered a new business era and created its own IPs with a co-production business model. The first project of this new era is “Bahar," designed as a daily drama that offers all the formulas of the highly demanded Turkish dramas and keeps the traditional Turkish storytelling.

"We moved one step ahead and, as a result of Mistco's expertise in Turkish content distribution, we have decided to create our IP with a co-production with Us Yapim, which is the creator of internationally known titles such as 'Hold My Hand,' 'Melek,' 'The Blackboard,' and 'Between Us.' The two companies combined their experiences and created 'Bahar' for the international market. We already sold the show to Romania and Israel, and others will be announced soon,"  Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco, stated.

"Bahar" is the story of a young girl struggling to keep the goodness inside despite all darkness around. After witnessing the murder of her father, she is trying to prove that Aysun, her stepmother, committed the murder. On the other hand, the love between Bahar and Demir, who met just days before the murder, grows daily but becomes even more impossible since Aysun is obsessively attached to Demir and determined to win Demir at any cost.

Furthermore, Mistco will preset TRT's latest drama at MIPTV, "Secrets of an Angel." This drama tells the story of a family whose members see their lives changed abruptly by a tragedy. Cennet, who was exposed to domestic violence for years by her husband, Yılmaz, gets sick and is hospitalized. "'Secrets of an Angel' had a great start with several recent sales around Israel, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Romania," Tuzun described.

At MIPTV, Mistco will also showcase for the first time its brand new action drama, "The Patriots," where Ugur Gunes ("Bitter Lands" and "Lawless Love") and Gulsim Ali ("An Anatolian Tale") play the leading roles. "Turkish producers are delivering very high-quality and sustainable dramas every year. That's one of the biggest reasons our partners are delighted with doing business with us. We will have new content and close more deals this year, not only with linear TV but also with streaming platforms. Our main goal is to make 'Bahar' an international brand and create more content. Moreover, we aim to create an international title with the contribution of our partners from around the world, so we are quite open to co-production discussions,"  Tuzun stated.


Mistco has been active in the international arena. First, "The Town Doctor" will be aired on TV2 Hungary, and Mistco is about to finalize a pan-regional deal for the show with one key player in Latin America. That series has also been recently sold to Israel, Bosnia, and Macedonia.

"Among other deals, in South Asia, 'The Circle' will be airing soon in Malaysia. We have the most powerful historical drama slate. 'Resurrection Ertugrul' has expanded to new countries such as the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Nigeria, Ghana, and Bangladesh. "The Great Seljuks Alparslan," which has topped local ratings in Turkey since its broadcast, will premiere in Israel, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Another powerful historical drama, 'Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean,' will air in South Korea,"  Tuzun described.

By Diego Alfagemez