21 JUN 2024

Mistco closed new sales for some of its most acclaimed series

Lithuania, Romania, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan are some of the destinations. One of the main focuses is on historical dramas.

21 JUN 2024

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Mistco, the global content platform, announced that some of their most acclaimed series are expanding worldwide. Next, let's review each of these sales.

Firstly,  "Hold My Hand",  offering both romance and tragedy, continues its success and expansion and will be in Lithuania. "An Anatolian Tale", which is the leader on Saturday evenings for 4 seasons, will soon meet the audience in Romania. Thanks to their diverse historical drama catalog; "Barbarossa: Sword of Mediatterian" and "Sultan’s Order" have been licensed to Bangladesh along with "Filinta", "Mavera", and "The Last Emperor".

Another iconic historical drama starring Baris Arduc and Fahriye Evcen, "The Great Seljuks: Alparslan" is counting the days to be on the screens in Kazakhstan. Lastly, the most successful summer hit series of 2023, "Come What May has been" sold to the CIS region and another announcement for the series will be ready upcoming days. Finally, Mistco will continue to offer its contents in NATPE Budapest market.