Moonbug's "CoComelon" was the most-watched kids' show on Netflix

The study corresponds to the second half of 2023. "CoComelon" episodes were watched more than 200 million times

27 MAY 2024

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According to Netflix's latest viewing data dump, Moonbug's kids show "CoComelon" came out on top as the most-watched: its episodes were watched more than 200 million times in the second half of 2023 (July to December). Its eighth season alone was the most-watched children's show, ranking #8 overall. The 8th season - "Learning with JJ" - follows JJ and his friends as they learn new things, set to fun educational songs about the days of the week, numbers, shapes, and more. All eight seasons appeared in the top 100.  

Andy Yeatman, Managing Director of the Americas for Moonbug Entertainment, emphasized the show's educational songs as one of the secrets to its success: "Kids love learning new things from CoComelon through its fun characters and catchy tunes. That's why we put so much care into crafting CoComelon to be enriching. We're very proud to see the show's eighth season - which is all about learning through songs - become the most-watched kids show on Netflix last year."

On April 22, Netflix released season 2 of "CoComelon Lane," which debuted at #4 globally on the streaming service in its first week. This is not the only good news for Moonbug: two other products from the company, "Little Angel" and "Blippi's Adventures," were among the top 10 most-watched kids' shows. The report also highlights kids and family viewing accounted for 15% of all viewing on Netflix globally.