More Spanish-dubbed GMA Dramas premiere in Latin America

In Ecuador, “Sa Piling ni Nanay,” “The Half Sisters,” and “Madrasta” premiered this 2021. In the Dominican Republic, “Bihag,” “The Gift,” and “Impostora” also premiered this year.


GMA dramas continue to be popular in Latin America through GMA Network's partnership with Latin Media Corporation. Following the success of the Spanish-dubbed versions of “My Special Tatay” (Un Corazon Especial), “Onanay” (El Amor Mas Grande), and “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka” (Quedate A Mi Lado) in 2020, more top-rating GMA series debuted in the region this year.

In Ecuador, “Sa Piling ni Nanay” (Ysabel), “The Half Sisters” (Hermanas), and “Madrasta” premiered this 2021. In the Dominican Republic, “Bihag” (Hijo, Dónde Estás?), “The Gift” (Un Don Verdadero), and “Impostora” (La Impostora) also premiered this year. At the same time, GMA’s romance drama “Someone to Watch Over Me” (No Me Olvides) is airing a rerun both in Ecuador and in the Dominican Republic, and it also aired in Peru and Uruguay.

“Our dramas rate well in the countries where they are shown because while retaining common elements like family, romance and relationships, our content features unusual themes that keep viewers engaged and boost ratings for the broadcasters,”  said Roxanne Barcelona, Vice President of GMA Network's Worldwide Division.

Jose Escalante, Founder and CEO of Latin Media Corporation, commented: “When I started thinking of bringing programs from a country from Asia, I thought of bringing the Filipino dramas because we look the same; our families, our values are very similar in terms of culture and in the way we educate ourselves. So we started bringing Filipino dramas and they are well-accepted so far”.

To date, GMA Network, through its partnership with Latin Media Corporation, has distributed over 1.100 hours of canned content and 600 hours of scripted formats in Latin America.