Onza Distribution closed the agreement with NBC to adapt the pilot. Co-produced by Onza Entertainment, Atresmedia Studios and Medio Limón, its second season is now available in several countries through Amazon Prime Video.

27 JAN 2020

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NBC has given the green light to the single-camera project "Someone Out There", which will be the adaption of "Little Coincidences", created by Javier Veiga. Dylan Morgan (The Good Place), Emiliano Calemzuk, Gonzalo Sagardía and Javier Veiga as executive producers.
"Little Coincidences" is a rom-com that reunites the real-life couple, Marta Hazas and Javier Veiga. Marta a 37-year old who just opened a wedding dress store. Javier a 40-year old who is a Michelin Guide Gastronomic critic, both on their own way are hedonists devoted to Carpe Diem, but of course in the snobbish version. So, what unites them? Nothing, because this is a story about a couple whose lives constantly intertwine, they will get on board into a hectic search for finding a couple. But before finding each other, if they do, they will need a few Little Coincidences.
Gonzalo Sargadia, Onza’s entertainment executive producer, “we are really glad that NBC has decided to adapt "Little Coincidences" for the US market. We believe that this is a format that has great international options and has a widely universal concept that is the search for love and the parenthood instinct”.

Besides the US, Little Coincidences has also been sold to Russia, Baltics, Finland, France and to Amazon for several territories.