Pluto TV to launch Chefclub Kids content in the United States and Latin America

Chefclub will bring over a hundred episodes of cookery content to Pluto TV in both Spanish and English.

11 APR 2022

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Eatertainment digital brand Chefclub has inked an agreement with Pluto TV to bring over a hundred episodes of cookery content in the US and Latin America, home to 40 million of Chefclub’s global subscribers. “Culinary entertainment transcends cultures and languages,” said Amy Kuessner, SVP Content Strategy & Global Partnerships at Paramount Streaming. “We are thrilled to be bringing Chefclub content to Pluto TV where audiences can learn new recipes, families can come together to share their passion for cooking, and viewers can enjoy entertainment as unifying as food on Pluto TV all for free.”

Marie-Laure Marchand, SVP Global Consumer Products & Business Development, Chefclub, commented, “We are very excited that Chefclub will make its streaming debut in the US with a leading platform like Pluto TV. With half of our followers in the US, this is a phenomenal way to better serve our American fans and engage new ones, and is part of ambitious plans to dramatically expand the way we can engage with cooking enthusiasts everywhere.”

Chefclub’s agreement with Pluto TV follows two announcements regarding Chefclub’s expansion beyond its own five proprietary digital channels: in December 2021 it launched a FAST channel in France and Switzerland with Samsung TV. And this year it announced the development of its first linear animated series "Chefclub Friends" (52x11, TBC), an action-comedy edutainment series for 5 to 7 year olds.

Chefclub is currently the No.1 cooking brand in the world on social media with an unparalleled level of success since its launch in 2016: 100 million followers and 2.5 billion global views a month; five themed channels (Original, Kids, Light & Fun,Daily and Cocktails); licensing agents in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, and Benelux; a D2C and D2R consumer product business; a publishing division with 700,000 books sold to date; and two Licensing International Awards for Best Digital Brand in France (2019) and Germany (2021).