RAI Cinema to premiere "The Hidden Child" at Venice International Film Festival

The world premiere of Roberto Andò's movie will take place on September 11th after the Award Ceremony.


"The Hidden Child"


Bibi Film and RAI Cinema announced "The Hidden Child" ("Il bambino nascosto"), a movie by Roberto Andò with Silvio Orlando, will close the 78th Venice International Film Festival. The World premiere will take place on September 11th after the Award Ceremony.

"The Hidden Child" is the movie adaptation of Roberto Andò own 2020 novel and it's worldwide distribute by RAI Cinema and by 01 Distribution in Italy. Being a part of the 78th Venice International Film Festival’s out-of-competition official selection, "The Hidden Child" is given the honor to be the closing movie at the festival which will run from September 1st to 11th. The movie will officially premiere worldwide on September 11th.

In a poor neighborhood of Naples, a young boy named Ciro has been witness to an execution and is searched by the local criminal organization, his family and the whole community. The boy finds shelter in the apartment of an elderly man, Gabriele, a quiet and educated piano teacher. The relationship between the two seems to be conflicting at first:Ciro has a wildly fierce and impetuous nature; Gabriele is a solitary soul who hides frustrations and secret passions. While the two try to get along with each other, Gabriele starts making dangerous decisions which could lead the two either to death or freedom.

The cast of "The Hidden Child" is led by Italian actor Silvio Orlando ("The New Pope", 2020). The role of Ciro is played by Giuseppe Pirozzi ("Martin Eden", 2019). The film features a cast of internationally renewed Italian talents, as Lino Musella ("The Beast", 2020) and Salvatore Striano ("Gomorrah", 2008), as well as a special appearance by Roberto Herlitzka ("The Great Beauty", 2013).