The series, created by Nelvana’s Vanessa Esteves and Adrian Thatcher, will air on Corus Entertainment’s YTV in Canada and Discovery Kids Latin America in 2022. 

5 FEB 2021

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Nelvana and Discovery’s joint venture, Redknot, announced its decision to greenlight its third series, “Super Wish," created by Nelvana’s Vanessa Esteves and Adrian Thatcher. The series will air on Corus Entertainment’s YTV in Canada and Discovery Kids in LATAM in 2022.  

"Super Wish" is executive produced by Doug Murphy, Colin Bohm, Pam Westman, Pat Burns, Vanessa Esteves, Adrian Thatcher, and Adriano Schmid. Production for “Super Wish will begin in the Spring of 2021. “ Super Wish is a fantastical adventure filled with teamwork, friendship, and colorful characters,” said Pat Burns, Executive Manager, Redknot. “The series is the perfect addition to red knot's production slate as we work to develop and produce unique children’s content with positive messaging and developmental values.” 

Esteves is a supervising producer, writer, and content creator with over 17 years of experience in the animation industry. She has worked in multiple genres with a strong focus on bridge-preschool and comedy. Adrian Thatcher is a Toronto-based animated series director who has worked in animation for over 22 years at both Walt Disney Television Animation and Nelvana. 

The 2D-animated series aimed at kids 4-8 follows Jesse who inadvertently uses his extra special 10th birthday wish to wish his birthday party would disappear, and it does. Now he and his friends must venture through the mystical birthday dimension to track down and undo his wish. “Featuring familiar birthday elements such as candles and piñatas, and even gifts coming to life in unexpected ways, ‘Super Wish’ is a fun, unique, and exciting new series that explores the magical world of birthday celebrations, drawing inspiration from cultures around the world,” said Adriano Schmid, Senior Director of Production, Discovery Kids Latin America.