The international distributor has sold thee three seasons of drama series produced by Romanian channel Pro TV to bTV.


Eccho Rights has made a deal in Bulgaria with bTV for three seasons of drama series "Vlad", considered by critics as one of the best Romanian series of all time.  Launched internationally at last year’s MIPTV, where the series was selected for The Wit’s Fresh TV conference, the drama is produced by Romanian channel Pro TV.

Its first season launched in February-March of 2019 scoring such impressive results that a second season followed shortly after in September of the same year. Being able to uphold its popularity with audiences, a third season was commissioned and will launch this spring. "Vlad" follows the story of a man who is betrayed by his closest friends and fiancée and reinvents himself to take revenge.

“Some people were saying that Vlad' was PRO TV’s 2019 bet. I somehow believe that betting is not such a risk when you have the best cards in your hand. We are playing to win. 'Vlad' is obviously the result of a sustained extraordinary passionate team effort and as a company we are more than fortunate to have one of the strongest and most dedicated production team. The fact that we received the critics appreciation, the fact that 'Vlad' is going internationally is an additional acknowledgement of the sustained work of our fantastic team. We hope 'Vlad' will enjoy the same recognition in other markets.”, states Antonii Mangov, Senior Programming Executive.

“We keep a close eye on the international drama landscape and are excited to see that new and promising projects continue to gain international traction, independent of their origin and language. Romania is a fascinating and fast-growing market and we are proud to present 'Vlad', undoubtedly one of the most impressive productions out of the territory. We look forward to bringing it to international audiences and are convinced it will be a success in Bulgaria”, says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama as well as Sales Executive for Romania and Bulgaria at Eccho Rights.

The show tells the story of Adrian, a man who must reinvent himself after he is betrayed by his closest friends and fiancée, framed for a murder and armed robbery. After escaping from prison, Adrian assumes a new identity, as Vlad, with only one mission in life - to find an explanation to what happened to him, and to take everything away from those who once destroyed his life. But first, he has to resolve the constant, incorrigible, and endless love he still carries for the girl of his dreams, Eliza.

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